Waste Coal

Osho Group has pioneered in transforming waste coal in South Africa into a profitable resource for customers globally. This low grade coal is a beneficiated product of waste coal and today it is listed and traded on international coal indexes.

It is a well-known fact the coal fired power generation is one of the leading causes for climate change and pollution. Hence many nations have pledged to phase out such usage of coal in the years to come. This time window to utilize the existing hazardous waste coal is slender. Osho Energy have been carrying out waste coal beneficiation since many years and intend to continue this phenomena in the future. This beneficiated coal is well established in the global market and has enough appetite to consume it in high quantities. With our in-house bioremediation technology, the land will be repurposed for commercial and agricultural activities creating employment opportunities for the local communities. This social and economic surge will vastly uplift the locals.



Osho Energy was the first to beneficiate and export waste coal from South Africa to global markets.


Enhancement of Environment

The hazardous waste coal that is degrading the environment is swept out in this process of beneficiation in turn restoring the disturbed Ecology.


Low cost

Beneficiated coal is relatively cheaper and accepted globally.