Coal Trading

We source the finest.
We ship with precision.

Our constant efforts to source the best quality coal and ship it efficiently to our valuable customers has been our ace card over the years. We will continue to steer our way to the top by constantly adapting to the latest approaches and processes.

Coal, currently meets a third of the world’s energy needs. With such high demand, we constantly strive to find ways to export coal with unparalleled productivity. We chiefly export thermal coal for commercial purposes and in the forthcoming future we will be carrying out exports of metallurgical coal as well. Being in the coal trading industry for over four decades, Osho has gained outstanding expertise catering to top league clients. Today Osho Energy stands among the finest coal suppliers delivering according to the specific demands of the client.

Osho Energy is the first in India to launch an e-commerce website for online coal sales exclusively in imported coal serving to clients primarily dealing in bricks, steel rolling mills, cement industry, captive power plants and thermal power utilities. We mainly focus on providing value, convenience and benefits to our clients.

High GCV Coal

We source optimum grade of coal with high calorific value so that our customers get unparalleled edge for their business.


Sourcing from Small and Medium Mine Owners based in the USA

Besides working with leading coal mining companies, we work to benefit local small and medium miners in the United States. With ever growing demand of US coal in Asian countries, where Osho Group is well positioned, small and medium miners will be the ultimate beneficiaries by having access to international market.

Value for Customers

We provide optimum utility to our customers by integrating entire value chain from coal sourcing upto delivery at customers’ stockyard. Our innovative and cost effective processes provide maximum value to our customers on delivered basis.